D&A Talent has developed countless relationships with agents and managers worldwide. Placement with the right agent, agency or manager has been the difference maker for so many careers. However that is just the start, D&A Talent has a reputation for providing well trained and talented prospects to the countless agents and managers that rely on new talent that are ready for business. Here is what some of our agents had to say about our talent.  

 Agents ● Managers ● Casting Directors


I love scouting for new clients at D&A Talent. They are the perfect combination of talent and coaching and that leads to success. They understand exactly what it takes to be successful in the entertainment industry. Therefore I discover and sign new talent every time I scout at D&A Talent – they are the best.
— Bonnie Ventis, Clear Talent
It is always a pleasure to come out and see Connie and scout at D&A, I have found very talented and well trained actors there.
— Susan Osser, Susan Osser Management, L.A.
I have been beyond pleased with the talent presented to me by D&A Minneapolis. The talent are groomed and prepared which is an absolute necessity to get in with NEXT.
— Jason Valenta, Next Model Management NY
I have had the pleasure throughout the years of representing students from D&A Talent. Their talent are always well trained, properly prepared and possess the tools, traits and characteristics necessary to succeed in this business.
— Jeremy Apody, Abrams Artist, L.A.

Parents ● Talent

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I had so much visiting Connie and Heather @ David Andrews! I went there 2.5 years ago to see what my love for the camera and performing could do! Thank you for giving me the opportunities and help lead my path to LA!
— Sydney Brower, Series Regular on Ryan Hansen Solves Crimes on Television
Two of my children, Cindra and Devin have been involved in D&A Talent for over 5 years. The training, access to qualified instructors, their access to nationwide agents, and general networking opportunities is well worth it. The owner Connie runs a quality business in which the money I spent I consider an investment in my children’s future, not to mention the confidence and positive self-esteem it in stilled. Connie and staff are first rate. A very positive experience for my whole family. Both of my children have local and national agents and have been auditioning and working for over 5 years now.
— Clarice & Bernie, Parents
We want to thank you, and request that you extend thanks to the entire staff, training, coaching and advice and opportunities she has been given. She may never be a major star, but the confidence and discipline she had gained through your program has been invaluable for other parts of her life, as well.
— Tom Dombrock, Parent
D&A Talent has truly become my go to resource for help and guidance in this industry. They took me on when I was 18 years old, full of doubt and anxiety, and helped me hone my craft and mold myself into a confident performer. Today, I have worked on projects with ABC network, several independent films, commercial, and more. They are a dedicated team of caring individuals, devoted to helping you unlock your full potential. They are an excellent start for new talent and will take you far if you are willing to work hard!!! Best of all, they treat all of their talent and their supporters like family. I love these guys!
— Samantha R, Talent
Being fairly new in the “industry” it was refreshing to meet Connie when she recruited my son, Joe. They asked my son to audition and offered several different options which was great as we had just recently spent a lot of money putting him through another program and they were willing to work with us in our financial “comfort zone” but never treated my son or myself any differently than other talent they were working with! My son loved the acting coach they brought in to teach classes and best of all, they still treat him as family and continue to be his biggest cheerleaders for jobs, projects, auditions, etc...........LOVE THAT!!! My son and I also love all the new friends we have made in the process which is priceless. Thanks for all you do and keep up the great work!!
— Linda, Parent
The is a very caring and honest company. We have had a positive experience with D&A. The classes are taught by professionals and the value is worth every penny. D&A talent has offered her the experience of a life time. My daughter was able to learn skills that she will have for the rest of her life. They have allowed her to expand her knowledge and gain confidence. They have given her the opportunity to work with local and national commercial Ad agencies and has now signed with a record label.
— Tammie. Parent
My daughter Hailey auditioned and was contracted in January 2009. About two weeks later, Hailey auditioned and was signed with Agency Models and Talent. That fall, Hailey signed with MMG in New York City. Hailey has had a great experience and hopes to continue to learn more.
— Christine, Parent
We are so thankful for the wonderful training and opportunities we’ve received through D&A Talent. Cadence and Melody started at D&A Talent with their “Tiny Stars” Program in August 2012, when they were still 4 years old. Now they are 6.5 years old and pursuing their acting careers in California, thanks to D&A Talent! It is the real deal!
— Yon & Lisa, Cole Twins Parents
Love love love it at D&A Talent!! You can trust that they know what they are talking about!! Our daughter Sydney loved coming to the classes! She was chosen to be a part of the IN Convention and was signed by a Manager and Agent while in LA! It can happen to anyone. Hard work and talent pay off! Thank you so much Connie and Heather for everything!! Your guys are doing a great thing!
— Carrie & Matt Brower Parent of Sydney
Since Angelina started with D&A I have seen such a positive emerging and growth in her confidence and personality! She just loves her time spent with her teachers and peers at D&A!
— Deserae, Parent
The people at D & A are excellent at guiding and preparing young actors/actresses. Thanks to their help my son has been able to audition and be in commercials both locally and nationally.
— Alisa, Parent
My son have been taken classes through D & A Talent for 5 months and he said that he loves everything about it. The kids and staff here at D&A are awesome. He does not need to attend every class but he makes me drive him there to every class and that says a lot in my book.
— Lien, Parent


Ellie had an interview today with an Agency here in town for representation, it went really well and they signed her on. She just out did herself! Thanks for all that your team does, you have changed my kid! Thanks again!
— DeAnne, Parent
Connie and Heather at D &A are dedicated to connecting great talent with great opportunity. They are honest, down to earth, and helpful. They have a great eye for talent and you can trust their judgement if they say you’re ready to get started in this business or if they give you tips to work on and then you come back to audition at a later date. They truly have everyone’s best interests in mind. Our experience has provided a lot of opportunities and also a lot of fun!
— Trista, Parent
Calvin Will be heading to LA tomorrow where he will be attending the New York Film Academy he will be working towards a BFA in acting. Calvin was given a talent scholarship from NYFA for his acting. We would like to say thanks for all D&A has done for him.
— Wendy, Parent
My daughter Savannah signed with D&A 5 years ago. She auditioned for a local agency and was signed quickly after. Now she is 8 and still getting work. When she was younger she did tons of print work and a commercial for ShopNBC. She had taken classes and absolutely loved them when she was 3 and 4 years old. She stopped booking so we came back and she took she did the “Tiny Stars” Classes and booked a 90 foot billboard. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable and really has helped Savannah get the skills that she needed to be successful over the last 5 years. I highly recommend D&A Talent to any parent that has a child or teen that wants to have fun and break into the business . The experience alone makes it all worth it.
— Jess, Parent
My daughter loves going to class at D&A, and she has been learning valuable skills. She’s always excited and ready to go and she comes out of class saying it went “awesome”. Small class sizes provide individual attention and teaching. Warm and welcoming atmosphere.
— Grace, Parent
I can honestly say that going to D&A has been one of the greatest choices I have ever made.
— Chris, Talent
I love it and I love coming to the classes its so awesome and the people here are so awesome so if your thinking of going for modeling are acting this is the place to come to D&A talent...
— Jaelyn, Talent
Great start to our new adventure! The friendliness and professionalism helped put us at ease and feel comfortable right away. We already feel like part of the family! The classes are not only useful for the industry, but offer wonderful life lessons, as well. We look forward to growing our relationship with D&A Talent!
— Linda Parent of Chris & Alexander
A year ago on this date I auditioned for D&A Talent!! Little did I know where it could have brought me in this past year. I have had the opportunity to audition and attend iPOP!, audition and become a part of Mannequin in Motion, be signed by a national agency, have the opportunity to record music with Indasoul Entertainment and, last but definitely not least, meeting awesome people and making new friends along the way! Thank you for believing in my talent and accepting me into the D&A Talent family.”
— Tasha, Talent
I cannot even tell you how much our time at D&A has changed Sean…from a somewhat shy aspiring class-clown to a funny, Confident young man who can talk to anyone about anything; even his high school teachers have remarked on how great his public speaking abilities have become, and how truly comfortable he seems to be in his own skin
— Michelle, Parent
Our son has been going to D&A Talent for nine months and they have been fantastic! He has improved so much and really enjoys the classes, the teachers and the other talent. I highly recommend D&A Talent. They are a great place to start an acting career.
— David, Parent